Dow Corning's HR Service Center is based on a 5 tier service delivery model.  Your first point of contact should always be our Call Center Representatives.  If your question requires additional expertise, it will be escalated to the appropriate HR Specialist. 

Here is how you can reach our Call Center Representatives:

Phone:    (989) 496-4772 or (800) 440-0772


Mail:        Dow Corning Corporation

                HR Service Center

                Mail HRSC

                P.O. Box 994

                Midland, MI 48686-0994


Tier 1 - Self Sufficiency

Through Dow Corning's Retiree Website, Hewitt's Your Benefits Resources CAP website,  and CAP phone line, you already have access to many of the tools you need in order to serve yourself.  Of course, if you need assistance beyond those tools, you are always welcome to contact one of our Call Center Representatives.

CAP Website:  Your Benefits Resources

Toll-free automated CAP phone line:    (800) 922-9945


CSA's available 7 am - 10 pm EST, Monday - Friday


Tier 2 - Call Center Representatives

If you have a question or need that you cannot meet on your own, please feel free to contact one of our Call Center Representatives: 

Jessica Griffin, Barbara Robishaw, Betty Stieve


Tier 3 - HR Specialists

If your question or need requires specialized assistance, your Call Center Representative will escalate your call to one of our HR Specialists:

Jane Ruhle U.S. BenefitsSpecialist
Nicole Vallie U.S. Benefit Associate
Molly Macgillivray U.S. Benefits Co-Op
Holly Gerisch U.S. Retirement Supervisor
Holly Pashak U.S. Retirement Specialist
Michelle Cloutier U.S. Retirement Associate
Rachel Duchene Retirement Co-op


Tier 4 - HR Team Leaders

Dow Corning's HR Service Center Team Leaders provide direction to our HR Service Center teams:

Rod Barriger Americas HRSC Manager
Sherri Jones Health & Welfare Team Leader
Karen Case HR Operations Team Leader


Tier 5 - HR Center of Expertise

Dow Corning's HR Center of Expertise develops policy plan design and provides process expertise:

Paul Schulte Global Benefits Expert